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Ash [[Eliz]] Par
6 October 1987
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My Nick name is Fangz or Deathy.Im 20 yrs old.I live in Nashua,NH. I'm 5'4,white, kinda chubby.Bleach blonde short length hair.I have 10 piercings,7 tattoos. I am engaged to an amazing man,Eric Kilman.He is the love of my life and I'd do anything for him. He is away right now.. for 4 more years.. but we stay in contact through letters and pictures. To me this is just a hurdle we must overcome and if we do.. then this love was meant to be. I believe we can make it through.. we have been through alot already and i believe we can endure more. I love him with all my heart,soul, mind and body.

I also write poetry and short stories..I am here just so i have something to vent on.. that no one will argue with me on or say I am wrong in doing so..Blarg.I dont mind getting comments and all that stuff.Feel free.Im pretty open minded and kind to those who are kind to me.But if you're goign to be a hater.. do know I will be a hater right back and you prob wont like it much.So.. thats about it.